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Friday Feature – Septarian Concretions

This week’s Friday feature comes by way of a Lake Michigan beach visit I recently took.  I was out at West Side County Park in Fennville, MI with my daughter to enjoy a day a nice day at the beach – and of course to also see what beach stones I could find.  In the […]

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Petoskey Stone Love – Friday Feature

Michigan’s State Stone – Petoskey Stone The Petoskey stone is a beloved stone of those who vacation or live in Michigan.  Finding the elusive stone has occupied many an adult and child during afternoons on the Great Lakes beaches.  The Petoskey stone became Michigan’s State Stone in June of 1968 so when you find a […]

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Jewelry That Really Stinks – Friday Feature

A really nice Stink Stone specimen from my personal collection. So why the heck would anyone want a piece of jewelry that contains a “Stink Stone”?  I say, because it has just as cool a story as some of the other fossils that I’ve featured recently.  The stink stone is a form of limestone that […]

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Friday Feature – Chain Coral

Coral fossil sample from Birmingham Science Museum, UK Today’s feature is the chain coral fossil, a type of fossil also known as the Halysites coral.    The halysites coral lived starting in the late Ordovician period but most prevalently during the Silurian period.  The Silurian period took place prior to the Devonian period from 438 – […]

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Friday Feature – Crinoid Fossil & Ancient Climate Change

During the Devonian period of the Paleozoic Era from 355 – 415 million years ago, the Crinoid, otherwise known as the sea lilies or feather-stars, flourished.  The Crinoid was an ancient sea creature that lived either free –swimming within or attached to the floor of the shallow sea that covered Michigan.  It consisted of a […]

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Friday Feature – Charlevoix Stone

I know the Petoskey Stone tends to get a lot of the limelight in Michigan, but I happen to think another stone is just as beautiful (maybe more so).  The Charlevoix Stone has similar roots in the fossil kingdom – it is formed from a once living coral – the Favosite coral.  Petoskey stone on […]

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