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Beach at Norwood, MI - East Bay on Lake Michigan

Spring Break Stone Hunt

We just got back from a Spring Break Stone Hunt weekend up in the Traverse City are of Michigan. This is in Northern Michigan (kind of by the pinky finger if you use your left hand as a representation of Michigan). I always like to try to find new beaches to explore. The weather was a […]

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Anna C. Shade Jewelry & Metalwork - Spring 2012 Michigan Collection

Michigan Collection

I have been working on designing a collection to go into some stores on consignment. This will become a way for me to market my work to the stores where I’d like to have my work placed. I still have work to do on the signage and branding, but this is the beginning. From left […]

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Fossils that Walk

I love incorporating different fossils that can be found in Lake Michigan beach stones into the jewelry that I create.  I know many of you have been following my Friday Features and one recent feature was on the Crinoid fossil.  In that post, I provided a link to a video that showed a modern day crinoid […]

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Friday Feature – Crinoid Fossil & Ancient Climate Change

During the Devonian period of the Paleozoic Era from 355 – 415 million years ago, the Crinoid, otherwise known as the sea lilies or feather-stars, flourished.  The Crinoid was an ancient sea creature that lived either free –swimming within or attached to the floor of the shallow sea that covered Michigan.  It consisted of a […]

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