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Handmade Feeds My Flame

“In order to have a real relationship with our creativity, we must take the time and care to cultivate it. ” — Julia Cameron

Peace & Flame - Metalwork Sample

A test run of some new metalwork reveals nice results – and a positive message.

As I get ready for the upcoming holiday season, I find myself more than ever looking for ways to stay grounded in this chaotic world.  One of the ways I do this is to take time to breathe, do yoga and work on jewelry.  There are no shortage of ideas within me, but I find if I simply sit down and do feel compelled to do, it settles me into the creative pace and my roots go down.  I read something a while back about how working with our hands (without fingers at the keyboard or mouse and eyes on the screen) triggers something in the brain that is calming and relaxing.  I find that working with metal or stones offers me just the elixir I need to hold back the chaos – even for a brief periods of time.  And this “resting into ” helps me be better able to move through the chaos when I’m back in the river of life again.

I was asked this fall to do two shows which I am really looking forward to.  This weekend I’ll be at the Cody Kresta Vineyard & Winery for an intimate art weekend on Saturday (1pm – 6pm) and Sunday (1pm – 5pm).  And, on November 19, I’ll be at the People’s Church Holiday Bazaar & Fine Art Sale.  So excited to be a part of an event at my spiritual home.  I’m really looking forward to both of these events.

I have Unitarian Universalist items I’m working on for the People’s Church show.  I’m also hoping to resurrect the holiday ornaments that never made it off the bench last holiday season.  I definitely feel a sense of calm as autumn sets in and the new routines take hold  – and hope I can continue to do things deliberately and with focus while carrying a sense of peace.

I’d love to hear what ways that you mediate the seasonal stress – especially in the times we live in now.  What feeds your flame and helps you burn bright without burning out?

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