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Petoskey Stone Love – Friday Feature

Petoskey Stone Love
Michigan’s State Stone – Petoskey Stone
The Petoskey stone is a beloved stone of those who vacation or live in Michigan.  Finding the elusive stone has occupied many an adult and child during afternoons on the Great Lakes beaches.  The Petoskey stone became Michigan’s State Stone in June of 1968 so when you find a Petoskey stone and take it home you truly are bringing with you a Michigan memory.
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That memory doesn’t just stop with the end of a vacation – it goes back into the ancient past to the creatures that created the Petoskey stone – fossilized coral.  As I discussed in my post about the Charlevoix Stone, the fossilized coral lived during the Devonian period which took place from 355 – 415 million years ago.  At that time, Michigan was covered by a warm shallow sea where the coral prospered.  The Petoskey was formed by Hexagonaria percarinata, a colonial coral which grew in a bouquet like formation.  According to The Complete Guide to Petoskey Stones, Michigan Petoskey stones contain the remnants of the six-sided structure of the fossilized coral and are unique in that the coral structure became filled with calcium carbonate as well as crude oil which gives the stones their brown color – the darker the stone, the greater concentration of oil.  So, not only does the Petoskey contain a fossil, it also contains ancient crude oil.
Petoskey stones – how they might be found on the shore away from the water.
Petoskey stones – showing the diversity of amount of crude oil in the fossil (dark areas on some vs. light on others).
The Petoskey stone polishes extremely well for jewelry.  And that special sentiment you may have for the Petoskey stones you found on vacation may not just be in your head.  Because of the eye shapes of the six-sided coral structure within the fossil, the Petoskey stone is said to help stimulate the third-eye chakra as well as aid in psychic awareness.  Petoskey stones can also strengthen awareness of emotions thus being very helpful in dealing with emotional issues.  Petoskey stones may also clear negative energy from the environment and help enhance creative expression.
A Petoskey Stone & Beach Glass necklace I created for a Charity Auction.
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Stay tuned for upcoming Friday features which will give some great tips on wonderful places to find Petoskey stones on Michigan’s beaches.

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