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Jewelry That Really Stinks – Friday Feature

A really nice Stink Stone specimen from my personal collection.
So why the heck would anyone want a piece of jewelry that contains a “Stink Stone”?  I say, because it has just as cool a story as some of the other fossils that I’ve featured recently.  The stink stone is a form of limestone that has a special feature.  When the Devonian seas dried up, much of the matter at the bottom of the sea was quickly decomposing.  That matter gave off hydrogen sulfide during the decomposition process.  Pockets of that gas became trapped in the sediments that then formed limestone.  So, it is true that if you crush a stink stone it will stink.  The trapped hydrogen sulfide gas will release as the stone is crushed – and there you have it – a stink stone.   What an awesome way to carry a little prehistoric climate change around with you in the form of jewelry!  

There are many sizes and shapes to the gas bubbles and to the stones.
Stink stone is grey to tan in color and peppered with varying numbers and sizes of holes which are the remains of broken gas bubbles.  In some ways, stink stone resembles a volcanic rock.  So, if you are looking for a fun new stone to find on the Great Lakes beaches this summer, you are bound to find a Stink Stone – they are very prevalent.  Limestone makes up the foundation of the stink stone and is said to enhance healing and provide purification.  Limestone also provides centeredness and fosters positive thoughts.
Stink Stone - Jewelry That Really Stinks
Stink stones polish to a lovely sheen and are beautiful when paired with beach glass.
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