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Archive | August, 2010

How I feel about nature – and how it inspires my work

The little pink speck in the distance is my 5 year old daughter at PJ Hoffmaster State Park – running with the wind down the beach – compelled by the lack of bounds.  Such a gift are these sacred places! I have been following a trail since I returned from PJ Hoffmaster State Park last […]

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Getting ready for the next thing

With all the great feedback and support from Friday’s Vicksburg Art Hop, I’ll be ramping up quickly for the Buy Local – Art & Gift Fair at the Nature Center on December 11.  There’s a lot of new work I hope to debut there – along the same lines as what everyone saw at the […]

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Photos of the Vicksburg Art Hop

Here are the leather beach stone necklaces on display. A close up of my fan pull and gemstone display My jewelry display at the Vicksburg Art Hop

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Vicksburg Art Hop – What a night!

My jewelry was so well received by everyone at the Vicksburg Art Hop. I appreciated the support that everyone gave me including the Apple Nockers Ice Cream Parlor. It was a warm night, but I sure enjoyed sharing stories with everyone who also combs the beaches for stones each summer. It was nice to connect […]

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Emersion in the Devonian

As the attendees at the Vicksburg Art Hop will see on Friday, my jewelry is emersed in the Devonian period. This was from 410 – 360 million years ago. Michigan, my home, at the time was covered in a shallow sea. Life was extremely diverse at that time. My summer haunts include places where the […]

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And the prep continues….

My office feels like a womb right now. It’s the place that I’ve been spending a lot of time working on jewelry and getting ready for the Art Hop on Friday. Marc and I spent time this evening coming up with the symbols to display alongside my pieces on Friday. They are all meaningful to […]

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Creative Jewels

Very busy getting ready for the Vicksburg Art Hop. My friend Jennie Holmes who works at the Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce finally got me to get out there and show some of my work. She has been a consistent supporter of my pieces and I am very thankful for this opportunity. With my own personal […]

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