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Good Luck

I made this necklace out of Goldstone and Jade using copper wire wrapping, a hand-fashioned clasp and links. This was a lot of fun to make. It’s really fun to just sit down and make a necklace in a couple of hours. So satisfying to see it done – ready to wear!
I also finished the last set of fan pulls (in this batch anyway). I used Canadian Jade to accent the Desert Jasper. I have these listed on Ebay so check out my store.


I have some more marked off on another sheet of copper. I’ll probably start the cutting process tomorrow.

I really like the Canadian Jade that is in both the fan pulls and the necklace. It is a really pretty green and has dark brown/black specks scattered about. Both the Jade and the Jasper were purchased from Lima Beads in Ann Arbor. I really like the quality and variety of the beads they have stocked.

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